27 April 2012

Beijing Cat.
Well I've done it! I have finally managed to get my first real softie made since landing in Beijing in Nov 2012. I have been kitting softies but I really am not cut out for knitting no matter how much time and effort I put in. I did try, really I did, with a sub zero winter and a massive language barrier outside I had plenty of time in the apartment for knitting. The result - four fish, one nest, 4 eggs (2 incomplete) a couple of snuggle bunnies and an elephant (I hope you weren't expecting a list of socks, beanies and jumpers)  . . . I don't work that way!

I have tried to be a good blogger and take pics as I worked today. Hopefully I will get better at the blogging and I will have to start taking more pics around Beijing as it really is a fascinating place.
Final result - I didn't bring any hh labels with me so I substituted some printed airmail tape I bought the other day. I figure most of my new handmaidies will be finding themselves on a plane at some point in their lives so it's appropriate.
Body. The fabric underneath is new,  I will have it for sale in my new Etsy shop handmadesource as soon as I manage to get everything listed. It will be a combination of supplies and my creations. I am trying to source only things I like. I am not doing it for profit rather just a way to pay for my handmaidies so I really want to make sure I like what I sell.

socks going on . . .
the process . . .

Face on, boots on, kind of like getting ready for a night out!
He looks so much more like a fox on the inside.

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