22 December 2010

Wishing you all well this Christmas.

I'll be away from the studio for a bit but will be working on new creatures for next year so stay tuned and I hope to be able to entertain you all again in 2011 with a bit of handmaidie goodness. Stay safe and well over the holiday period and hope to see you all next year! Thanks hh

21 December 2010

Have a wonderful Christmas!

One final handmaidie friend to share with you. I thought I'd finish the year the way I started it by making a softie just for my daughter. I am calling him "Charlie's Christmas Dude" and I hope she gets a surprise on the morning of the 25th as I have sewn and wrapped him in secret tonight. Merry Christmas everyone and thank you to all my handmaidie converts and supporters out there. If you haven't had the best year I wish for your luck to change in 2011 and for those on a good roll keep it going. Remember to teach your children that creativity is just as important when you are an adult as when you are a child and have a safe holiday. hh


Thanks to everyone who has been following my facebook page. I have now got to 100 (actually 101). How fantastic! And the random liker has been notified.
I hope to be able to keep everyone interested next year with lots of new ideas and creatures in 2011.
Thanks also to everyone who supports local handmade businesses in their area. Happy holidays, Helen.

19 December 2010

First 100

As I am now getting closer to my first 100 liker's on facebook I think it's time to put up my next freebie. So I am thinking my next friend give away will be one of my little caramel vinyl and leather owls. I have also put a squeaker in him too!
So spread the word and you'll be in the running for him to arrive on your doorstep free! (Postage included within Aus.)

11 December 2010

Facebook 50

OK, for all you lovelies that decided you would like me I promised to give away a red giraffe (centre)postage paid anywhere in Australia, when I got to 50 to one lucky liker from 1-50.
This will be done every 50, so please keep passing the word around.
I will be contacting the winner by face book and will allow 3 days for reply or I will go onto the next one pulled from the hat! Good luck!

07 December 2010

In shop Today!

Today I will be in the Shop from 10-3pm. So if you are in the Magill area or just need to get some pressies then come and see me at Shimmer and Sparkle from 10-3pm.

Shimmer & Sparkle 366 Magill Rd Kensington Park 

Ph:0413757425 Wed - Fri:10:00-3:00 Sat:11:00-4:00

Apart from my handmaidies there are are fabulous dresses, bibs and tees from Little Boombalada, Sac Du Jour has stunning bags for your little princess and Star Bubs has all your hair accessories covered. You will also find a  huge range of fairy dresses from Shimmer and Sparkle too. If you are in need of a costume for your little one they have a hire out service of some amazing things (not just for girls) and they are really good rates.

Shimmer and Sparkle will also have a school holiday program running so don't forget to make you bookings before all the places fill up. For More info see: