29 August 2010

20 August 2010

What a Hoot!

Isn't it lovely when friends drop in for a chat.

18 August 2010

Little Owl Squeaker.

Todays's newbie - now to make him some friends.

11 August 2010

I am doing a market - Election Day! 72 Marlborough Street, Henley Beach from 9-1pm

 If you are in Adelaide on voting day (21st August) then make sure you come and visit the Organic and Sustainable Market at 72 Marlborough Street, Henley Beach from 9-1pm. I will be there with lots of newly recycled creatures for sale - Bring Cash (no eftpos for me sorry) most toys range from $15-$35.00 and I will be able to take some customer orders on the day too.
Hope to see you all there!

06 August 2010

More Cats

Finally some Cats for all those who like feline friends.
$25.00 + p&h and lots of colour combos to choose from.

Winter Bunnies!

 Winter Bunnies $22.00 + p&h 

Orders taken for colour options.

Grey Bunny in Pink Dress

Winter White Bunny in Red Dress

Winter versions of my summer bunnies are now being made. They are all made from recycled woolly jumpers and stuffed with poly-fill. 
I do have quite a good range of colours so now is the time to order. Just email me at hhedding@bigpond.net.au