29 July 2012

Holiday handmaidies

For those who know me, you know that I don't stay still for long without making something. Here is the latest bunch of handmaidies I have managed to make while we have been holidaying in Australia. They are all made from socks and will be available for purchase at my Facebook page in the next couple of days.

20 May 2012

New Povey Owls.

So much for keeping this blog up to date! But I have been sewing - see below, and even more exciting is my new haberdashery business which is now up and running on Etsy as well as a new Facebook page.
(I'll post the links separately)
These guys are for Sale on Etsy and hopefully more creatures will start to emerge in the next few weeks. hh

29 April 2012

The Owl and the Pussy Cat.
With a bit of left over fabric and a squidge of spare time yesterday I decided my Beijing Cat required a friend. So now I have an owl and a pussy cat to give to my friend for her birthday.

Once again here is the process . . .

Grab some cardboard and draw your shape, trace off on your fabric and cut around.

Trace off wings shapes, cut and check they look OK.

 Stitch wings onto body. 

 Using felt trace, cut and stitch.

 When I stitch features like the eyes and nose I usually run the machine around twice. It's a habit from when I had my lovely but less reliable machine so going over the area twice always guaranteed a better finish. For the wing I only went once as I still like to get that slightly rough and hand made feel coming through.

Work out eye placement.

 Dont forget his beak.
Label goes on.

 Eyes in, then stitch together.

Turn the right way around, stuff and fill and hand-stitch to close. For this little guy I filled him with about 1/3 fibre fill and then put rice in the rest of him so he will be able to stand on his own.Don't forget to store your patterns in a place you can find them easily. I like to hang mine (a habit from Uni) but it also helps them not get squashed in a drawer etc.

The end result - one little owlet.